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Serivces 服務

Amass is a service provider of graphic communication solutions. With expertise in packaging and print management, we understand the importance of packaging design in relation to the success of your brand management. You are striving to achieve your brand image to be applied to all your product lines with particular design and brand color. Increasing number of product variants, global markets requiring localization and outsource of suppliers, are making brand management a very challenging job. Amass has solutions to help you in brand management right from the design stage to the pre-press workflow. At the very beginning stage of creative production, we adopt color management in our work process and each artwork built is provided a digital color proof. Through project management, quality control is implemented by our pre-press production team and quality control team. When it goes for printing, we can communicate direct with your printers. We can also provide you the full support service such as audit the printing plants and do quality control on the printing.

Creative & Design Management | 創作及設計管理

When you're developing a new product design or applying a consistent design across different categories, Amass can help you with the packaging design that works. Our team of designers considers how a design will be printed, how a product will be packed and how your brand will be displayed in the store. With solid industry experience and local expertise, we create designs and produce packaging suitable for your brands and to drive more sales. All Amass-built artworks are pre-press ready.

Utilizing the technology and equipment help us to ensure quality design. With in house mockup production, we can promptly create a very realistic sample to provide you an in–depth view of your brands.

Visual Effects Management | 視覺效果管理

Color images might not always match the desire printed effect and imperfections may appear in the original photos. Our experienced designers work meticulously to do photo retouching, imposing color correction and special effects onto the original photo file rendering clear, flawless, attractive looking photos.


Production Management | 製作管理


Due to individual printing press might use different paper, ink setting and so on. Amass can help you to tackle these problems. Please find our solutions and print management services for you in the following:

• As your printing consultant and direct communication with your contracted printers.
• Set up standards for printing and color profile, color reference kit.
• Create brand guidelines
• Provide technical backup support on print related problems.
• Provide on-site supervision to the printing plant.
• Provide printer audit.

Even if you have only one contracted printer and a handful of printing orders, we can be your printing consultant, help you to maintain and improve your brand management by making sure your product meets qualified standards.

Consult with us and we can offer you our professional suggestion.


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