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Music Production 音樂製作

Benson Fan - Composer, arranger and music producer was originated in Hong Kong. Benson went to France in 1979 for studies of music in Ecole de la Musique Moderne in Paris. Influenced and passion on European music he forms insurance for a completely unique and different sound to his compositions. He returned to Hong Kong in 1987, and started his career as an in-house composer for TV Commercial at Melody Bank and BMG..

In 1992, He founded his own music production house, VOICES PRODUCTIONS LIMITED, composing jingles for television commercials, film and multimedia. He started composing pop music and joined Goomusic at 2007 as an in-house composer. He also composed songs for artists/singers in Hong Kong, such as :


範景能 (Benson Fan),香港作曲家,編曲人,音樂監制,於1979年到法國巴黎,入讀 Lécole De La Musique Moderne進修音樂。


1987年回港,後來加入名音樂人Anders Nelson旗下之Melody Bank音樂製作公司,負責電視廣告歌及影配樂之創作。期間,又曾為EMI,BMG等旗下歌星創作流行曲。

1992年,範景能成立自己的音樂製作公司Voices Productions Ltd.,主要製作廣告音樂。 同時,他亦為歌手如:

Denise Ho (何韻詩) - 大紅袍 and 螞蟻
Sammie Cheng (鄭秀文) - 劍雪
Joey Yung (容祖兒) - 二人浴

The awarded TV Commercials are :

• Nike - Craft Awards, Best Sound Track 1998
Toshiba (Man on Toshiba) - The Best Single TV/
Cinema Commercial of the Year 1994
• Toshiba (Rabbit) - The best single TV/Cinema Commercial of the Year 1995
• S.C. Johnson (Baygon Mosquito Spray) HK4As Creative Awards Silver 2004

• Centaline Thematic - The Best Sound Track of the Year 2008

Followed by music for TV Commercials and Short Films such as :

• Pizza Hut
• Panadol
• Mead Johnson
• Head & Shoulders
• Safeguard
• Bank of China
• Colgate
• Kentucky Fried Chicken
• Nissan Infiniti


• Mount Nicholson
• Huawei
• Unicef
• HKTB - Tourism overview achievement video
• Schneider Lightings
• Mandarin Oriental Hotel (worldwide)
• Wings (Sun Hung Kai)
• VALAIS Sales Video

Estée Lauder Re Nutriv In Shop Video

Youngor TVC

Artisan Promotion Video

Henderson Property - The Hudson Video

Kensington Hill Sales Video

Huawei - Lucia Martino Video

Re-make Music - 墨攻

Re-make Music - 肩上蝶

Re-make Music - 驚情400年

Re-make Music - 秋之白華

Re-make Music - 左耳

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